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In Copenhagen Aug 2013
The Shakespeare Morris Men were founded in 1959 and are
"The Keepers of the Bidford-on-Avon Tradition."

The Shakespeare Morris Men have been members of The Morris Ring of England since 1965 and of The English Folk Dance and Song Society from 1959.

Local Roots
The Shakespeare Morris Men have the priviledge of wearing the family Coat of Arms of the house of John Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's father, by kind permission of the Shakespeare Trust. The gold & black shield familar to visitors to Stratford which shows a shake spear or in historic terms, a left leaning spear.

The founder members of the the group in 1959 were scholars of King Edward VI Grammar School, where William Shakespeare was educated, some of whom are still active club members.

Here is a slide show showing an outline of the history of the morris in Bidford on Avon as presented to the Bidford and District History Society on 2nd October 2010

The Shakespeare Morris Men have a special connection with the nearby village of Bidford-on-Avon, whose morris tradition has been extensively researched since 1965 by Phillip Taylor, SMM's long suffering musician for many years, assisted by Tony Parsons, the great grandson of Edwin Salisbury, the foreman of the 1886 Shakespearean Bidford Morris Dancers.

Tony first danced in 1965 with the Bidford Boys and his son Geoffrey has also been dancing with Shakespeare since he was old enough to walk!

We have recently formed a Ladies Team who also dance Cotswold Morris including the Bidford Tradition, and have shortened our name according to Shakespeare Morris.

The Shakespeare Morris Men first danced the Bidford Tradition at The EFDSS Albert Hall Festival in 1974.

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