Shakespeare Morris Men -The First Thirty Years

As part of Stratford' s Millennium Project, the Shakespeare Morris Men of Stratford-upon-Avon, also known as the Stratford Morris Men, recently handed over .the archives of their first thirty years of Club activities to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. The records, in the form of handsomely bound "Scrap Books", cover the period from the formation of the current revival side in 1959 up to 1999. The books are on permanent loan to the Trust, and will become an outright gift should the Club ever be wound up.

Malcolm Smith, the then Squire of the Shakespeare Morris Men, said that the Club's records are complete up to 2000 and the Morris Men will review the situation in a few years time with a view to depositing more scrapbooks with the Trust.

The Morris Man responsible for collating the records and compiling the books, Mick Dunn, said, "I am delighted that our records now have a permanent home which will ensure that they are not lost. In the future, the people of Stratford, and folk-lore scholars everywhere, will find them a fascinating and valuable resource".

The club recognises its debt to Rod Hobbs, a bookbinder and long time Shakespeare Morris Man for his supreme efforts in producing the scrapbook covers which are all of the same colour and embossed with gold lettering.

Well done Rod!


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